Introduction: Trick or Treat Roulette

Our project is based in a Halloween roulette which gives you a candy if you hit the green ligth. We did this project in order to make people have fun with the Halloween trick or treat on this strange days we have to live. For this project we need all this things:


-Four rectangular pieces of wood to make the laterals of the box. One of them with a hole which will be the door for the candies.

-Two square pieces of wood which will be de bottom and the top of the box. The one on the top will have a hole in the center of the square.

- The TRICK OR TREAT letters.

- Paint to make the castle.


- One circle with eleven tiny holes in his perimeter to put on the Leds.

-Ten red Leds and one green.

- One Servo Motor

- One proximity sensor.

- One button

- One Bread Board

- One Arduino Board

Step 1: Make and Paint Our Trick or Treat Box.

1. Make all the pieces we need to fix the box.

2. Paint the castle in the way we prefer. We used different grey tone to do the rocks and brown paint for the doors and windows.

2. Paint the other box parts with a dark color.

3. Paint with read the Trick or Treat letters

5. Finally assemble the box.

Step 2: The LED Roulette.

The first step to make the roulette is to make eleven tiny holes in the wood circle to put on the LEDS. We will connect resistance and cables in every LED.

After that we will connect all LEDS to the Bread Boards and Arduino Board. We also need to fix the Servo Motor in order to open the door.

The connection way has to be like the photo test where we did the roulette with only 5 LEDS. After that we connected the rest.

The code for the Arduino board is in the Arduino file.

Step 3: How It Works

We hope you like our Treat or Trick roulette. Make yours in your house and make fun with your sons. Hope you enjoy.