Introduction: Take Beautiful Photos on Smartphones and Digital Cameras !

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Hello. this is a very good guide for the beginners which has simple tricks and tips.This is also my first instructable.
(It is not so awkward in being a beginner in front of many amateurs and professionals because no one is born as a professional.) The tips I gave here can be applied on all situations. The theme I took here is a ''garden''.  Note that the pictures shown here is taken by a 5 mega pixel smartphone camera with a carl zeiss lens.  I'll start from the simplest step in order to understand easily by beginners

Step 1: First, the Simplest and Most Important: Imagine...

One of the greatest gifts given to mankind is imagination. All we have to do with it is just imagine... And when it comes to photography, it is very important. With a camera, you can show big things small and small things big. Imagination is too creative to say particularly. Take a look at this step's photo. It's actually a group of small plants. When you suddenly look at it, it may look like larger than a human, because the camera is taken in such a perspective.

Step 2: Keep Properties for Your Picture

In a picture, you have to give in a focus to some objects in order to make the picture better. For this garden theme, I have focused the flowers and sunshine in some pictures, while only flowers in some. But when it comes to other themes, the selection of objects is up to you. Take a look at these photos and you'll get an idea.

Step 3: Keep a Look at ISO

ISO really means 'International Organization For Standardization'. But when it comes to photography, it means it refers to the sensitivity on light. On most smartphones and digital cameras, the option to change this is given and it can change it automatically. But the automatic mode can even be a barrier if you are taking creative photos. It's important to know how to modify these settings and get a great picture. I'll explain this as simple as possible. You have to set a lower digit of ISO if the environment is bright enough. If the environment is darker, you can crank it up so that you can see the image brighter. The correct sensitivity equals to beautiful clarity.

Step 4: Keep a Look at Exposure Too...

Exposure is also similar to ISO. When the exposure is high, the low lighted objects may be correct lighted. When the exposure is low, the opposite happens. That is, higher lighted objects will be correct lighted. If you are confused about this, let me tell this in a simple way. The higher the brightness of the object, the lower the exposure. The lower the brightness, the higher the exposure. Just like the ISO.

Step 5: Experiment With the Preset Modes.

Yes. You have to experiment with modes like cloudy, fireworks, fluorescent, sunny, etc. For example, the mode 'sunny' gives the image a more sunny look indoors. And with 'fireworks', with low shutter speed, you can freeze the image like a charm.

Step 6: Other Tips

In order to make your macro shot best, try spraying some amounts of water on the object. For more charm, focus on the object so that others look a little blurry. See at some of my shots and you'll get an idea again.

Step 7: Do Never Spoil an Art of Beauty

Every photo can become an art of beauty. But don't spoil it with unwanted effects at unwanted time. In this step, I gave some of the slight ruins of pictures by over exposure, unwanted photo editing software effects, and zooming extensively.

Step 8: Use Photo Editing Software If Needed.

It can enhance your quality of the photos significantly. As I told before, this is my first instructable and this is purely for beginners. And I am not an expert in photography. Thank you so much for reading.

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