Introduction: Trinket Box

This is a fun project for any age.

Pretty trinket box from the empty candy box.

Recycle - Upcycle - Repurpose!

Step 1: Tools and Supplies

1. Empty Box - Any box will work for this project. I made this box for my friend's 5 years old little girl. She wants to keep her hair pins, so I used a small flat box for this project.

2. Decorative Paper - You can use any paper. I found some old napkins laying around in the house, so I use it for this project.

3. Glue

4. Magnets - You can use the velcro also instead of magnets.

5. Brush - This is to spread the glue.

6. Masking Tape

7. Scissor

8. Pen/Pencil/Marker - Anything to make a marking on the box

9. Knife - Box cutter or Xeto Knife.

10. Ruler

11. Mod Podge (optional) - You can also use spray Polyurethane for this.

Step 2: Box Top

1. Open up the top piece of the box.

2. Cut off the excess piece of the left side and the right side.

Step 3: Adding Magnets

1. Adding a magnet to the top piece, inside of the flap.

a. Measure the width of the box and mark the center.

b. Put a magnet on the center mark and secure it with masking tape

2. Adding a second magnet to the bottom piece, outside of the box where top flap meets.

a. Line up the top and the bottom pieces. Mark the bottom piece for the location of the second magnet.

b. Cut out the area for the size of the magnet.

c. Insert the magnet into the hole. Using the masking tape to hold the magnet in place.

3. Add the masking tape at the back to ensure the durability. - Trinket box will be open from the front and the backside serves as a hinge. We want to make sure the trinket box will not tears open at the back by adding masking tape at the back.


When you install the magnets, make sure to position magnets' positive or negative polarity face correctly.

When both magnets placed, match up the top and the bottom pieces together. If you measure it correctly, the magnet should line up perfectly.

Step 4: Attach the Top and the Bottom Pieces

The top and the bottom pieces, glue 2 pieces together at the back.

Step 5: Cut Out Napkins and Decoupage

1. Cut out the papers (in this case, decorative napkins) to decoupage the entire box; Top bottom, both side of the box and also cover the inside.

2. Glue cut out papers to the box.

Note: Glue can be diluted with water if you prefer. 5 (glue) : 1 (water) ratio.

3. You can add a bow or leave it plain. (I made a paper flower from the same napkins and add it to the top of the box) Just visual purpose only.

4. Let it completely dry.

5. You can coat with Mod Podge or Spray Polyurethane. (This is an optional step. The glue should protect the decoupage work, but to added protection, you can use Mod Podge or Spray Polyurethane.

6. Let it dry before you start using the Trinket Box.

Step 6: Finished Project

You just recycle, upcycle and repurposed!

It's a beautiful trinket box to store your favorite things.

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