Introduction: Triple Single Pandam Braclet

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Is a rubber band bracelet from rainbow loom and is fun to make!!!

Step 1: Supplies

You need rubber bands the loom, 1c clip and the hook

Step 2: Assembly

Start by putting the rubber bands on the loom in a row with the red arrow facing up

Step 3: Triangles

Take more rubber bands and make upside down triangles

Step 4: Hooking

Hook the rubber bands like you would do in the original rainbow loom bracelet also turn the loom around

Step 5: Connecting

Take the top rubber bands and connect to the top rubber band

Step 6: Pullllll

Pull the bracelet of the loom and onto the hook

Step 7: Longer

Since the bracelet is to short you line the rubber bands like you did in step 2

Step 8: Hooking2

Now flip the loom upside down and connect the bracelet to the existent ion and hook

Step 9: Final Step

Now remove and attach with a C clip and your done
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