Introduction: Tripwire Trap

1. Get these needed items!


-redstone torch

-redstone powder

-sticky piston

-tripwire trap

-try any blocks you would like (I’m not sure if it will work, please comment if you can’t use any blocks you wish.)

Get ready...!

Step 1: Layout the Trap

You should layout the trap, because you might get it never know!

Step 2: Place Your Blocks on Your Layout

Place the block you have granted. You should watch the video whenever you are confused! Remember! (TIP: To make it blend it, you should use dirt block in the outside, and stone block in the inside.)

Step 3: Put Your Items

Put on your redstone torch in front of the lowest block you’ve got. (Check the video if you’re not sure)

Step 4: Place Your Redstone Powder

Place your redstone powder under the redstone torch, one block further

Step 5: Sticky Pistons

After that you should put your sticky pistons on the side.

When you’re done, you should get your tripwire hook in the video, and add strings. Cover it and you’re done!

Step 6: Check the Video

Check the video again to make sure you have your trap set up the same way.Enjoy!

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