Introduction: Trivet / Hot Board Out of Scrap Pieces of Cedar

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I decided to make this Trivet for friends from church as Christmas present, out of some scrap pieces of cedar laying around.

Step 1: Materials

What you will need:

Scrap pieces of cedar (I have shorter pieces that are being glued),
Clamps (I used three, it just made it go by quicker.. you can still do it with one),
Wood glue ( Elmers carpenter wood glue max),
Hand held sander with 60 grit and 150 grit sandpaper,
Linseed oil or some type of sealant, Paint and paint brush,
Furniture gliders

Step 2: Gluing the Short Pieces

Make sure your ends of each piece are square, then glue them together. Might want to put some paper down, so the glue doesn't stick to the clamps.

Step 3: Make Your Pieces Square

Make sure you cut the pieces to the same size with the Tablesaw before gluing them to save alot of sanding later.

Step 4: Gluing the Pieces Together

Next thing once the glue has dried not the short pieces, you need to glue the other pieces together as shown in the pics.. again might want to put paper down to avoid glue on the clamps

Step 5: Glueing the Two Halves Together and Triming

Once the glue has dried on the other pieces you should have two halves... it is time to glue these together. Once the glue has dried (usually 24 hours), use the bandsaw to trim the pieces that are sticking out from the rest. I then took the tablesaw and cut the sides to make sure they were straight.

Step 6: Transferring Your Design

Sand your piece of wood down to get a smooth surface for the design. Get your design on to a piece of paper, then I made it to fit in the piece of wood so it would not move.. take a sheet of carbon paper and trace your design onto the piece as shown in pic.

Step 7: Carving the Design

Take the dremel tool with the carving bit and traced over the design that was put on the wood.. as shown in the pic

Step 8: Paint the Carving

I took some black paint and painted the design to make it stand out more

Step 9: Sanding the Paint Off

Use the hand sander with the 60 grit sandpaper to sand the paint off.. than switch to the 150 grit sandpaper to sand it smooth to the touch.. I went ahead and rounded the sides and the corners, and put my name as well as the year..

Step 10: Apply the Sealant and Pads

I applied linseed oil to the board to protect it from the elements while bringing out the reds and whites or the cedar. I also installed pass on the bottom to set it up off the counter.. I drilled a small hole in each coner to put them in.. *The nails were a little long so I cut them down some*

Step 11: Finished

Time to step back and admire your work?

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