Trixie Mattel and Katya Cosplays From RuPaul's Drag Race and UNHhhh

Introduction: Trixie Mattel and Katya Cosplays From RuPaul's Drag Race and UNHhhh

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This is a tutorial on how to build the basic items needed to create costumes for drag queen superstars Trixie Mattel and Katya Zamolodchikova.


You will need:


Yellow cotton fabric
White fabric
Black fabric
White pleather
White lace
Long pink wig


Red and white knit fabric
Black lycra

Step 1: Yellow Pi Overalls

Get friendly with your iron and make lots of box pleats (make sure to finish your bottom edge first).

I added a zipper and waistband that gave me a skirt (you can use a pattern for a skirt like this and just add the rest).

I cut out my fabric for the front flap. I ironed some adhesive paper to white cotton fabric and some black pleather. I cut out the shapes and ironed the pi sign onto the heart. I zigged the edges with my sewing machine and repeated this step with the heart onto the front flap. I lined the back of the flap with another identical piece of yellow fabric.

I made straps to the width of my overall clips and secured everything in place. The overalls were done!

Step 2: Boot Covers

I put some white high heels I wore for my wedding on and did the 'ol plastic wrap and tape method to get a pattern for boot covers. I cut out the pieces, made a paper pattern and added a seam allowance, cut out the pieces from pleather, and sewed it all together. I added a zipper at the ankle and lace at the top. I popped my heels in and they were good to go!

Step 3: Jewellery

I made some Jewellery using rhinestones I had kicking around and glued them to silver cardstock. I added wire to make earrings and a ring. Done!

Step 4: Wig

I got a wig from Arda on sale. Normally this wig is made of at least two separate wigs put together, but you know, money. I curled the wig. I used a large-sized bun maker and used a bit of hair at the crown to roll and secure it in place. I back-combed everything and sprayed as I went, making everything as large as I could. I pinned up the back to the bun maker and pinned the rest around it to make it look like it was almost a ponytail. I kept some strands out and used them to create a band around the bump in the front.

Step 5: Makeup

Pin your hair back and put on a wig cap. Many people use a glue stick to cover eyebrows. I was able to cover mine with a concealer stick and lots of pressed powder.

I bought a grease paint set from Amazon to get white whites and black blacks, but used personal makeup for the rest. Trixie has a tutorial on YouTube. Leave at least 2 hours to do the makeup! Follow Brian's advice and practice - you'll get better each time!

Step 6: Katya Cheerleading Outfit

To create the pattern for the sweater, I traced a high neck sweatshirt that fit my husband well and added a seam allowance for all the pieces. I used a ruler to divide the front top and bottom and added a seam allowance to each. I used the same process to attach the letters as I did the Pi symbol on the Trixie costume. To make the letters perfect, I printed the letters and used them as stencils. After sewing the letter on with a zig stitch, I sewed the top and bottom of the front together. I cut a strip of white at the same angle as the front with a small seam allowance and sewed the strips together at the center. I ironed the edges back, pinned them where I wanted it, and sewed it on. For all my stitches, I used ones that would stretch with the fabric. Using my interlock, I attached the front to the back, then the sleeves, and then the collar and cuffs. I finished the bottom with a zig stitch.

I did the same thing with the pants - made a pattern from a pair my husband owned, added a stripe to the sides to match, and stitched the center fold down just at the front. I measured his waist to create a waist band (3 inch band folded in half) and inserted elastic that was his waist size minus 10%. Lastly, I used a zig stitch to finish the bottom.

That's it! Enjoy!

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