Introduction: Trogdor the Burninator (the Plushie)

About: Graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Breda in 2012. Couldn't have done it without my trustworthy sewingmachine and a never ceasing need to do all sorts of things myself. Mostly clothes and creatures.

Q: Hey Tigermouse, can you sew a dragon? I want to see your skills of an artist.

A: A dragon? That's easy! Feel free to follow along with my simple step by step instructions.

I make sewing FUN!

Step 1: Who Is Trogdor?

There are probably those among you who are now asking themselves: Who is Trogdor?

For them the first simple step is to watch this video:

By far my favorite Strong Bad episode! To be checked out at:

Step 2: The Body

First, draw an S. Then, a more different S. Then draw a mouth and two angry eyes.

Instead of drawing on paper, you should draw on two sides of fabric, preferably white coton.

Once you're satisfied with the shape, cut them out with some space for the seam.

I felt like the blue notepaper lines were crucial for maximum Trogdorness. So I sewed them on once the shapes were cut out.

Step 3: Consummate V's

Decorate Trogdor's body using a close stitching on your sewing machine.

Use consummate V's for the scales.

Sew some spikes for the tail: little V's with some filling.

Step 4: Wings, Some Legs..

Trogdor is a wingeling dragon. Give him some wings with little fleece claws. Decorate them with black stitchings.

Make some legs as well.

It's looking good! There's something missing though..

Step 5: ...And a Strong Beefy Arm

Off course! A dragon looks better with some strong beefy arms.

Draw one and sew it.

As you can see I've cut out some tiny V's in the seam.

Yeah, that looks real good, comming out of the back of his neck there.

Step 6: Sew the Body

Cut some angry teeth from fleece and then sew the body.

All bodyparts should be on the inside and it should be sewn inside out. Make sure everything is in the right place! Allthough any mistake here could be hilariou... I mean... an expression of artistic freedom.

Again, cut little v's in the seam and then turn it.

Step 7: TROGDOR!!!!!

Fill him up and close the hole.


Now you can make some peasants and thatched roof cottages for Trogdor to burn.

Have fun!

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