Introduction: Trolley for Water Cases

I’ve been on a mission to organize our storage area. I got most of it done, but for the last two months, I’ve been stalled. We store cases of water in the storage area, and it’s always a problem because they are on the floor. If we need something on a lower shelf, moving the cases of water is a hassle. I knew I needed a trolley of some kind. After several months of online shopping, looking for just the right trolley, I came up empty handed. I couldn’t find anything in the right size so decided to finally just build them. This was a very simple project and I should have done it sooner.


Four 2 inch heavy duty caster wheels like these:

Two planks of wood, 1inch x 4 inches x 8 ft. You will have wood left over

Wood Glue

Screws (I used No. 6, 1 ¼ inch)



Drill with drill bit appropriate size to the screws you are using.

Screw Driver

Tape measure


Step 1: Cut the Wood to the Following Sizes:

You will need to cut the wood plank to the following sizes:

Two pieces of wood, 15 inches long.

Five pieces of wood, 12 inches long

Two pieces of wood 16 ½ inches long

Step 2: Assembly – Part 1

Use the wood glue to glue two 15 inch pieces and three 12 inch pieces together, ladder-style, as shown in the drawing above. Pre-drill the holes to prevent splitting the wood, then screw the ladder together.

Step 3: Assembly – Part 2

Use glue to secure the sides of the trolley. Pre-drill the holes and then screw the pieces together. Be careful not to screw in direct line with the screws from the previous step.

Step 4: Add the Wheels

Turn the box over and again, pre-drill the holes. You don't want to split the wood at this stage of the game!

Screw a wheel into each corner.

Step 5: Put Them to Good Use!

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