Introduction: Trolling Motor Made From Wood

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The basic idea of this trolling motor is the multi functionality of the cordless drill.
Is the power of a battery drill enough to drive a trolling boat on still waters?
The answer is yes. I made the trolling motor from wood and some other parts in a
Clear design with Clean materials and Cheap. So, the 3 C's.
The outboard is partly inflatable for easy transport. Two nails are locking the hinge
and the steering handle. All the functional parts are there, motor, propellor,
hinge with lift and the steering handle with trottle. Building time is about 3 hours.
A test with a canoe was convincing although a drill with a higher speed is advisable.
I also used a battery adaptor for connecting an external 12V gel battery of 12AH.
Enough to navigate for a while.

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