Introduction: Trophies

I am periodically asked to make "interesting" trophies for special events.  I usually begin by going to a thrift store and finding a bunch of inexpensive junk that I can fit within the theme of the event.  Sometimes I also pick up inexpensive decorations from a party store to incorporate as well.

The first photo is of a first place trophy for a chili cookoff contest.  The base was a cheap plastic bowl (from the dollar store) to which I glued a bunch of plastic bugs (bought at a party store).  The metal riser above it was a candle holder found at a thrift store.  Sitting on top of this is a bottle of antacid wearing a sombrero, with a cheap shiny centerpiece sticking above it (from a party store).  Oh yes, sticking out from the bowl is a plastic horse's head, or two.  I the middle is a large plastic spoon.

Photo 2 used a similar approach, only instead of a candle holder holding up a bottle of antacid I found a metal "thing" to use at a thrift store.

Photo 3 is a similar approach.  These three trophies  are stair-stepped in height, since the represented 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners (photo 4)

Photo 5 consists of a wood base painted black (with some glittery stuff glued to the edge), an old beat-up-beyond-repair coronet, a smiley-face flower, and some sparkly stiff sticking out of the horn's tubing.  I fastened the music holder to the base, and attached a gold star with the words, "I watch too much TV," which explaining the words would be a long story.....

I made the trophy in the last photo to present to a co-worker who was retiring.  Basically it consisted of a box that looked like a bus and a doll holding some signs.

Of course, most of this stuff is held together thanks to the magic of hot glue.....

I've had a lot of fun making these somewhat non-standard trophies for several events.  They always bring a smile to the unlucky person who has to take one home and display it proudly!

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