Introduction: Trophy Shelf

The Trophy Shelf is a shelf that you can put your trophy on. Sometimes people had a lot of trophy and don't know where to put them. Some wants to decorate their trophy to make it better. The trophy shelf I made can first put your trophy on it and second, make your trophy looks better. When you put down the trophy, you will press the button which will make some noise and some light that will make your trophy looks better.

Step 1:


1. Card Board

2. Arduino

3. Resistance x 3

4. Colors of LED you like x 2

5. Button x 1

6. Hot Melt Adhesive

7. Arduino Leonardo board

8. Computer

Step 2:

Set Up:

1. Cut card board into 4 peaces of 10x22 cm cardboard and 1 peace of 11x22 cm cardboard

2. Dig a hole about the size of the button int the middle of the one of the 10x22 cm cardboard

3. Cut two buts on the 11x22 cm cardboard anywhere you want

4. Stick the card boards together with hot melt adhesive

5. type down the code on computer

6. Send the code to your Leonardo board

7. Set up the horn, two LED light, and button on your Leonardo board.

8. Put the button on the hole you carve on step 2

9. Also put the LED on the two cuts you cut on step 3

10. Put you trophy on the machine you've just made and see if it works

Step 3:

Here is the code and explanation

Step 4:

This is my Arduino diagram

Step 5:

Video of my Trophy Shelf