Introduction: Trophy Trout

Beautiful Rainbow Trout for your man-cave wall.


Scrap wood and paint.
All paint was leftover from my dining room remodel and cans of spray paint found in my cellar.

Step 1: Cut Out Your Fish

I found a clip art trout on the internet and printed it out as close to the size as I could get. Then traced it onto scrap plywood I had lying around.

The furniture sign was a cheap auction purchase that I almost burned two weeks before I got this idea. Hey, you can’t keep everything.

Step 2: Paint Your Fish With a Sealing Paint.

Again. Leftover paints used. I also sanded off the words that would not be covered by the trout.

Step 3: Draw in Your Details.

I sprayed some paint over the image to give me an idea off the finished piece and added detail marks

Step 4: More Paint.

I had an olive green and ceiling paint and a few small bottles of acrylic art paints. I just started mixing and painting.

Step 5: Completed Painting. Glue and Screw.

Add in your trout spots and shadows last.

Wood glue and 4 screws later. At this point I used a clear sealer from a spray can that was leftover from other projects.

Step 6: All Done.

I left the eye for last. The face of the fish was the toughest part.

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