Introduction: Tropical Angel Christmas Ornament

About: Sandy Ang, a paper crafter from sunny, little Singapore.

As we head into the monsoon season, Christmas in Singapore is lush and tropical. So my angels are decked out in colourful florals and hung on the bougainvillea shrub.

Step 1: Angel's Face

Paint the styrofoam head with flesh-tone acrylic (I've used Titanium buff straight from the tube)

Step 2: Angel's Hair

Glue on the dolls' hair and draw in the eyes and lip with a felt-tip pen

Step 3: Skirt & Wing Template

Cut out the underskirt and 2 wings using this template

Step 4: Overskirt

Cut out the overskirt using the template (without the tab) and glue the skirts together

Step 5: Angel Body

Wrap the skirt around the styrofoam body and glue down the tab to secure

Step 6: Angel Wing

Glue on the wings and punch two holes with an awl

Step 7: Wing Feathers

Coat the feather stem with some glue and push into the hole created

Step 8: Angel Back

hide any gaps at the back with a string of pearls or a ribbon

Step 9: Embellishments

I've add a pearl necklace to the neck, some ribbon trim to the skirt base and fussy-cut flowers to the overskirt.

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