Introduction: Tropical Rainforest

If you have a lot of extra time and are looking forward to doing something fun, creative and informative you would really enjoy this, in this inscrutable I will be teaching you how to make a tropical rain forest out of, you guessed it it CANDY!!



gummy bears

gummy cherry's

gummy flamingos

gummy worms



Step 1: Make the Water

Spread the Blue Air Heads Out Using Your Fingers Then Press Them on to the Cardboard to Represent the Water.

Step 2: Add a Log

Take a Twix bar and place it o top of the water to represent the log of a fallen tree.

Step 3: Add Grass

Take the green airheads and spread them out with you fingers them place them on the rest of the carboard but make sure too leave a little chunk on the side for a later step.

Step 4: Add Trees

Take fondant and make the stem and leaves on a tree, then put a tooth pick in both the leaves and stems bottom. attach the leaves to the stem using the tooth pick then the stem to the ground using another toothpick..

Step 5: Add the Dirt

Take some Twix bars (enough to fill in the remaining chunk of cardboard) and smash them up, you can do this using your hands or a fork, then place it on the remaining chunk of cardboard to make the dirt.

Step 6: Add Some Flamingoes

Take some flamingo gummies and attach them to the water using a toothpick.

Step 7: Add Bears Eating Berries

Take gummy bears and gummy berry's and glue them to the grass and/or trees and make it look like the bears are eating the berry's by putting them next to each other.

Step 8: Add Worms to the Dirt

Take gummy worms and put them on top of the dirt you made earlier.

Step 9: Finish Up

just clean things up, you can move things around and give it that finishing look.

Step 10:

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