Introduction: Tropical Salad

Ingredients needed:

- a mixed salad bag

- an avocado

- an apple

- a can of cut pineapples

- a piece of raw chicken

- a tablespoon of olive oil

- Apetina cheese

- honey mustard salad dressing

Step 1: Heat Pan

While heating pan, add olive oil.

Step 2: Cut Chicken Into Pieces

After cutting chicken, add to the pan. Move the chicken and it's ready when slightly brown.

Step 3: Add Lettuce Mix in Bowl

Step 4: Cut Whole Apple Into Pieces

Then add to bowl.

Step 5: Cut Avocado Into Pieces

Then add to bowl.

Step 6: Add Pieces of Pineapples in the Bowl

Step 7: Add Chicken Into the Bowl

Step 8: Add Salad Dressing Onto the Chicken

Enjoy your meal!

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