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Introduction: True-The Making and Throwing of Boomerang

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Boomerang gives the impression that this kind of thing in general there may be two kinds of

1. Magic weapons used by video game heroes

2. Australian Aborigines for hunting tools

In fact in modern foreign countries had it as a sport, but also contest

if only school teaching in Taiwan, the paper made

because fewer people play, almost no one is selling, so DIY is a more cheap choice

Fortunately, the Internet developed a lot of information can be found on the Internet on top of

I have successfully made a boomerang that can be played.

Can it really fly back?
I believe this is a question of many people, watch the video

Step 1: Prepare Material and Tools


5mm aircraft plywood


sandpaper #80 #240 #400 #800

rotary tool


Step 2: Template

The name of the template I used is called Fuzzy (right-hand version).

(Left-handers should flip)

The designer is Axel Heckner from Germany.

  1. print the template
  2. cut the aircraft plywood
  3. marking the sanding areas
  4. grinding and sanding

The goal is to grind like the shape of the
wing (airfoil), this shape is similar to the figure of, there is a template AA and BB sectional illustration of

watch the video probably will know that I how did you make it


Then using the # 240 # 400 # 800 sandpaper smoothed

I used transparent paint spray once both positive and negative, as a basis waterproof, because in the morning the grass is always dripping wet

due to the properties of wood, then get rid of clear lacquer, the surface will become rough, then to # 800 sandpaper gently a little dull, smooth it

and then find time to try to vote several times, if no problem then painting

Step 3: How to Throw the Boomerang

1. Find an open and suitable site with an
area of 30Mx30M or more, preferably grass or sand, no cement or other hard ground, no passersby, tall trees, street lights or other obstacles

2. Grab a grass survey Wind direction, facing the wind direction, turn right about 45 degrees, you can play even if there is no wind. Some boomerangs require wind to return. If you encounter strong winds, it is not recommended to playing, it is difficult to control.

3. Front (not colored in this example, generally The colored side is the front side) facing yourself, lightly grasp the end of the boomerang with the thumb of your right hand (finger pad) + index finger on the 1st or 2nd section (side), and turn to your arm. The angle between the boomerang and the ground is about 80 degrees, this is In my personal grip, no one stipulates that you have to hold it like this, and some people have the thumb + index finger + middle finger covered all over, as if they are holding a stick.

4.The target is slightly higher at the front,
while the use of wrist and arm strength cast forward, imagine you are going to throw an axe out

May have to practice many times

Step 4: How to Catch It

It's not recommended to catching it with one hand.

If you don’t believe it, you can try it. It will be very painful to hit your fingers. :(

you should catch it with 2-hand like an action of clap.

Step 5: Is It Dangerous?

Yes, playing any sport is dangerous.

have children or passers-by when present, ask them to keep their distance, pay attention to their own safety,

no one can predict whether a sudden burst of wind crooked boomerang or accidentally missed, causing injury to others

Be Safe Be Happy :)

I think boomerang is a really cool and fun sports, but also for all ages, easy to get started do not spend too much money

in addition to the basic investment then, in fact, there are many different variations

I also still learning later there is talk of new experiences to share

hope you like my articles, are interested can discuss a lot of comments, and share them with more people know about

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    Question 1 year ago

    Do you have a template for a tradotional boomerrang ?


    1 year ago

    Very nice! Would be a good school project.


    Reply 1 year ago

    Thanks! I am very glad that you like this project.
    I hope Taiwan 's school can promote this too.


    1 year ago

    It would be great to 3D print one. Could you prepare a 3D model?


    Reply 1 year ago

    I have no any experience in 3D print, maybe later


    1 year ago

    How cool! Thanks for sharing :D


    Reply 1 year ago

    You are my 1st comment people in the
    I am very exciting! thanks