Introduction: True Wireless Range Extender

If you have Wireless Range Issues, you might have bought a thing called a "Wireless Range Extender". These Devices are just lame Routers with a custoum firmware on them, that means that arent really good if the distance between your Router and the Extender is not tiny. In this instructable i'll show you how u can make one yourself for less then $80̣̣(80€). This version will run stable, because it uses professional equiment. Witch dosen't lock-up every few days.

Step 1: The RIGHT Way

On the Picture you can see my way using a "Wifi-Bridge". A Wifi-Bridge is a device witch is commenly used to connect two builidings togehter over great distances. It consist of a highly-diretional antenna and a very sesitive radio, witch means this device must be aimed in the direction of the Wifi-Router. The other thing my extender consists of is a normal "WAP"(Wireless Acces Point). The Setup is very simple, just create a wifi-link between your wifi-router and the Wifi-Bridge. Then setup the WAP to create a new Wifi and connect the Wifi-Bridge to the WAP.

Step 2: Example SETUP

This example setup uses MikroTik-Hardware, because their price value ratio is awesome. Ubiqiti products should work the same way:

Wifi Bridge:

MikroTik SXT Lite2 //if you have a 2,4ghz Wifi-router (Works with nearly any Router)


MikroTik SXT Lite5 // if you have a 5ghz Wifi


MikroTik hAP lite //Cheap but good 2,4 ghz WAP

You can use any WAP or even a router with ddwrt