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Halloween is here, and after picking up a Disney villains coloring book and being inspired by the white-on-black variant from a standard coloring book, I wanted to recreate the look and come up with some truly evil Halloween decor.

Each villain was made using a different method: 3d printing, scroll saw cutting, and coping saw cutting.

Here's how I put them together:

Step 1: Supplies

The materials I used:

12x12 3/8" plywood board
10x13 3/8" plywood board
1/4" cedar, cut to 3/4" strips
1/4" plywood
1/4" bloodwood
1/4" purple heart
Spray adhesive
Transfer paper
Wood glue
Black paint
White spraypaint
White filament
Red filament
Super glue
Danish Oil

The tools I used:

Fusion 360
3d printer
Circular sander
Brad nailer
Drill press
Scroll saw
Coping saw

Step 2: Scan Your Villains

I started by choosing 3 of the villains from the coloring book and then scanned them into my computer. I took the scans and brought each of them into Inkscape. Using the 'trace bitmap' effect, I created a vector of each scan, and then used the selection tool to clean up the vectors and remove any of the extra elements that I didn't need.

Step 3: Create a Template

For the 2 villains that were being cut, I printed out the vector picture and taped both halves together. Using spray adhesive, I glued the printouts to some transfer paper, and then cut each character out.

Step 4: Creating a Frame

For Jafar and Maleficent, I took the 10x13 boards and painted each black. For the Evil Queen I did the same on a 12x12 board.

I took the cedar strips and started making the trim to fit the outside of each board. I used a sander to make the 45 degree angles for each corner, but this could easily be done with a miter saw or band saw. After each piece was cut out, I glued up the strips and used a brad nailer to nail each of the strips to the boards.

I repeated this step for each of the boards.

Step 5: Cutting Maleficent

For Maleficent, I decided to scroll saw cut her outline out. I took the template I made earlier and stuck it to the 1/4" plywood board. I took the board to the scroll saw and cut out the outline.

I took the board to the drill press, and drilled starter holes for every section where I needed to feed the scroll saw blade through to cut the section out. I then cut out the rest of the character.

I removed the template, and then spray-painted the pieces white. After it was all dry, I used wood glue and glued the pieces to the frames.

Step 6: Cutting Jafar

For Jafar, I decided to hand cut his outline out. I took the template and stuck it to the 1/4" board, then used a coping saw to cut out the outline of the character. Like Maleficent, I drilled starter holes in each section for the coping saw blade, then cut out each piece with the coping saw.

It took a long, long time.

I spray-painted the outline white, then glued it to the frame.

Step 7: Printing the Evil Queen

For the Evil Queen I decided to 3d print her outline. I took the vector I created in Inkscape into Fusion 360 and extruded the outline up 1/4". I exported it to Cura (or your 3d printer software of choice), inverted the outline, and then sent it to the 3d printer.

Once it was done printing I took it off the print bed, and before taking it off the raft I super-glued it to the frame (hence why I inverted it in Cura before printing it). Once the glue set, I removed the raft from the print. Doing this also ensured that the smaller pieces would be in the same place they printed.

Step 8: Add a Pop of Color

I wanted to add a small piece of color to each, reflecting the inspiration I got from the coloring book.

For the Evil Queen I printed a red apple.
For Jafar I cut a small piece of bloodwood for his jewel.
For Maleficent I used purpleheart for her eyeshadow.

After cutting (or printing) each piece, I glued them into place on each of the frames.

Step 9: Sand and Oil

I took some sandpaper and smoothed out the cedar, then took some Danish Oil and oiled the cedar pieces, as well as the bloodwood and purpleheart.

Step 10: Hang, Enjoy

The last thing to do was to hang my new evil creations, and stand back and admire my creations while laughing maniacally to myself.

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