Introduction: Trunk Foldout Workbench

This is my first instructable so here it goes. The idea is a workbench that folds out of a car trunk and has the tools you need for your hobbies. I dont know how many times I have left a wrench at home that I need to service my paintball marker or RC car. With this project I wont have to worry about leaving tools at home and I will have a place to work on my equipment. I installed this bench into a 2005 Scion Tc, but the idea should be adaptable to many different cars.

Step 1: Tools and Parts Needed

These are the parts I used, but can be swapped out for other parts. This set up can hold a max of 20lbs. With upgraded hinges and thicker wood the max lbs could be more. Also, adding legs to the workbench would increase the max weight the workbench could hold.

-Measure Tape
-Straight Edge
-Dremel w/cutoff wheel
-Wood Glue
-Drill bits

-1'x4' board about 10'
-3/4" 2'x2' plywood
-1/4" 2'x2' plywood
-bungee cords
-metal brackets
-eye hook
-2' continuous hinge

Step 2: Car Bracket

1. Cut a 5'4" length off the 1'x4' board.
2. Cut 3/4" off the length of the board.
3. Cut 2 8" length from the 5'4" board.
4. Screw the bracket to both 8" boards
5. Screw them to each side of the 4' board.
6. Remove the brackets from the trunk.
7. Place the board w/bracket into the trunk and bent the brackets till they line up with the car interior.
8. Mark the board to match the bolt hole in the trunk
9. Drill the holes into the boards.
10. Place board into the trunk and make sure the new bolts line up. (You will have to get longer bolts about 2") 

Step 3: Installing the Workbench.

1. Remove bracket from car.
2. Install the T-hinge to the 3/4" 2'x2' plywood.
3. Center the plywood to the car bracket.
4. Attach the T-hinge to the car bracket.
5. Re-install the bracket w/plywood into the car.
6. Pull the top out of the car. You will notice that the table isnt flat. To fix that you will need to cut a 1"x8" strip.
7. Place strip under the plywood when pulled out. This should make the table top level.
8. Drill strip into table. (Make sure your screws done go through the wood into your car.)
9. Test to make sure it holds. (This set up can hold about 10lbs.

Step 4: Make and Install Peg Board.

1. Cut 4" off the 1/4" plywood.
2. Cut 2' of 1"x4" board.
3. Attach the board to the edge of the plywood.
4. Cut 2' off the continuous hinge.
5. Attach hinge to the 1x4 board. (Make sure the hinge can be closed.)
6. Attach the hinge too the workbench. (Easiest if removed from the car.)
7. Cut another 2' off 1x4 and connect it to the top of the 1/4" plywood.
8. Cut the peg board to fit the plywood.
9. Cut 9 1"x1" squares to be used as spacers between the plywood and the pegboard.
10. Glue spacers to the plywood and pegboard. (Make sure the spacers are blocking the holes in the peg board.)
11.Place clamps where the spacers are located to help them stick.

Step 5: Finishing Steps

1. Once Glue is dried re-install into car.
2. Once installed maker sure it opens up and is level.
3. Next install the eye hooks into the back of the pegboard.
4. Tie rope to the eye hook and the d-ring in the trunk of the car. (This holds up pegboard increases the max weight to 20lbs.)
5. Install pegs and tools.

Note: I used bungee cord to help hold them in place when I drive. Magnets could also work.

Step 6: Final

After all of that you should have work bench that fits in your trunk. As of now I still have my spare tire in its factory spot, but had to move the foam that fits on top of it. This helped level it when stowed in the trunk. 

I am still working on some additions to the workbench and will be updated when I get them figured out.

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