"Trunk" the Re Figured.


Introduction: "Trunk" the Re Figured.

This was quite the fun experience for both Sage and myself!

As an avid collector and admirer of other peoples Junk and Trash, the excitement behind this project could not be faked! We decided to take to the streets and turn the forgotten ground junk into a collaborated treasure.

We present to you "Trunk" A name invented by Sage, combining Junk and Trash together :) He is a Love Warrior and fights for the good in the world!

Step 1: Time to Collect

Firstly, you ought to take a trip outdoors to see what you can find!

A nice walk through this field and a walk with the puppies produced some lovely little tidbits for the making of Trunk.

Alongside our finds, we needed to use a ;

-Hot Glue Gun with extra glue sticks

- Paint and a paint brush.

You can decide which materials suit your project best, although the hot glue gun is a best friend when combining small bits together.

Step 2: Create the Blueprint

This step is all about setting up the materials and using your imagination to create something out of the pieces you've collected.

Plug in your gun, and let it heat up

Place all materials out in clear view

Get to thinking!!

Step 3: Paint!

We have decided to paint our wooden piece, which will eventually be the head of our Trunk

Paint, and set aside to dry.

Step 4: Start to Assemble!

First off, we are going to create the feet.

Sage hot glues a couple of pop can tab onto a plastic piece we found.

Next, we make a small hole in the bottom of our eraser, and hot glue the tip of the black plastic inside.

There! We have created the feet and torso of Trunk!

Step 5: Armour and Arms

With some more Pop Can tab and a small bottle cap, Sage creates a suit of Armour for Trunk!

She hot glues a stick to the back of his torso for his arms!

Step 6: What the Neck!?

Sage decides a discarded Lego bit and the rusty bolt will make a lovely neck for Trunk!

She hot glues them together, then hot glues the combo to the top of Trunks torso

Step 7: Warrior Style!

Sage has gone ahead and hot glued a heart to a plastic bit she found while we were searching.

She has decided it will make the perfect Love Staff!

An old zipper makes for a nice weighted support. She goes ahead and hot glues that to his arm.

Did we mention he stands upon an old floppy disc drive!? Style!

Step 8: Finishing Touches

The painted wooden head is dry!

Sage attaches the head to the neck using some more hot glue.

Along the way, she remembered she had some left over googly eyes.

Those are added to Trunk to add character!

The remaining pop tabs are added to Trunks head for a cool new Doo!

A shred of paper towel makes for the well-suited nameplate.

Step 9: Bam!

There you have it!

"Trunk" is born!!

A little junk goes a long way! The world now has a warrior of love :)

Try making your own warrior. Not only do you get a nice walk, you also get some creative juices flowing, and a little buddy to cherish.

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