Truss Bridge Project

Introduction: Truss Bridge Project

This is the truss bridge project. The point of this project is to see which student can engineer a bridge that supports the most weight. each student can use 192 inches of 1/4 x 1/4 in wood. They can make the bridges in your rubric. You would determine what the height,  length, and width of the bridge can be.This bridge in the picture held 108 pounds.Read this scan under this text if you hae trouble understanding.

Step 1:

Step 2:

To put the bridge together you can use wood glue DO NOT USE WATERPROOF GLUE OR EXPANDING GLUE. You should also give the students a couple tries 2 or 3. After each try they can take their bridge home and work on it at home if it is broken.This picture will give you an idea what your bridge will look like after testing. Your bridge will probably be broken like the picture or worse.

Step 3:

Next in whatever way you would like you could apply weight to the bridge ( with a machine or even a bucket full of weights). Another popular way to do it is to use sand and weigh the sand.

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