Tube Light Hanging Clamps (for Fish Tank/anywhere Else) Out of Scrap Wire.




Introduction: Tube Light Hanging Clamps (for Fish Tank/anywhere Else) Out of Scrap Wire.

About: Mechanical engineer/ Inventor

This instructable shows how to make a simple clamp for hanging tube light s/ anything tubular out of scrap metal wires under ten minutes per pair.

Step 1: The Requirement

Hi there. OK, I was building this hood for my 70litre fish tank. And I wanted to light it up with a TL05 aqua light. Well it is just a tubular fluorescent light emitting a certain spectrum of light. It needed to be fixed inside the hood I was making so came up with this idea. hope you can make use of it.

Step 2: The Supplies

You need some bear metal wires, appropriately thick enough (mine was about 1.5mm dia), a pair of pliers, one 2inch nail and a broom stick!(or something similar,closer to the diameter of your tube light.

Step 3: Now Bend

First make the eye hole needed for nails to plunge through. Simply wrap the end of wire around the nail and form it in to shap with the use of pliers.

Step 4: Measure and Cut

Refer back to the place you plan to hang the bulb. roughly add the circumference of the bulb and all tolerances and cut your wire accordingly.

Step 5: From the Main Loop

This is done by wrapping the wire around broom stick (or any other stick of preference☺). I would recommend only one turn so the coverage is minimal. but if you plan to hang pipes or similar you can give a few turns. When you do that, make sure the nail hole is positioned in correct plane.

Step 6: Finish by Adding Another Nail Hole at the End of the Clamp

You might wanna check against the location once more. Then its just a matter of repeating step 1.

Step 7: Drilling, Hamering, Etc...

Once you fix one end of the clamp,pass the tube through it and pull the free end out to tighten the tube. Then get the measurement for the second hole.
Nail down that end and you are good to go. Thanks for reading!

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    5 years ago

    Nice! Looks like a quick, secure solution. Thanks for sharing.