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Introduction: Tube Light

Hey everyone:)
That wall-light is all over made of recyled material;cardboard tube..I made a cheap,shiny and environment-friendly lighting fixture and it's also not so difficult to make:)Let's take a look at the materials and steps..

Step 1: Materials Needed

1)12 cardboard tubes (radius=4)
2)2 m. led light
3)2 m. red cable
4)2 meter black cable
5)12 v. adaptor
6)Band saw
7)Spray dye
8)Some screws
9)A drill
10)Silicone gun
11)Wooden strip

Step 2: Start With the Form.

I began with the drawing of preliminary sketches.After some drawing, i chose a shape which looks like a wave on the wall.And i wanted this wave is in the form of 3d.I imagined a lighting fixture and also when the lights gone out,it looks like a panel on the wall.

Step 3: Cut the Tubes According to Drawing.

I measured each tubes on drawing .Then i cut the tubes closely measured sizes.I cut out each tube drawing on the pdf file and tape them on the tubes.Then i cut them again like on drawing.I put them together and and did some corrections to be a wave shape.

Step 4: And Join Them Together..

When they are together i marked some lines on the front faces of tubes.That lines can be two, tree,four or five.It's up to you.Then we groove 4 mm thickness.When  the cutting of the lines finished, i screwed them together with a drill.i joined them together on different faces of tubes.This made the shape a 3d wave form.So the shape became a rising wave on the wall.

Step 5: Let's Dye the Wall-light!

I dyed the tubes red color.The main reason why i chose red is to be more efective on the white wall.And when  the lights turn on,it  will gleam more.After the wall light got dry, i cut two lath to hang it on the wall.I screwed it back of the wall light.After that i dyed all sides again

Step 6: Conntect the LED Fixture.

When the wall-light was drying, the led light got ready. It was the time to put the leds into the each tubes.I prefered to connect the led light with abreast connection.I glued the leds into the tubes and drill a hole each tubes back of the wall-light.So i connected the cables in an invisible way...

Step 7: Finally Let Your Glamorous Wall-light Sparkle!

Now it's time to hang it on the wall and plug-into .Here we go.Let there be tube light :)

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    blue wings
    blue wings

    9 years ago

    i made one for my dad's b-day he did loooveee it!!

    Akin Yildiz
    Akin Yildiz

    8 years ago on Introduction

    we may consider using used toilter paper inside rolls, or paper towels for that matter, I have always thought of a use for these items, now I know.. :) there are so many in the garbage

    also we can plant plants in the tubes !!


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    to plant the plants in tubes is a great idea, i like it:)


    10 years ago on Introduction

    I love your project, it looks awesome! I do have some questions though. Do you mean 4"diameter or 4"radius, which would make an 8" tube. Also, did you string the led's through the tubes, or just punch them in the back where you needed them?


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks first of all and sorry for the late reply. i did with 4 cm radius tubes ,but you can use any size you want. It's hard to find tubes:) Leds are punched in the back of all the lines i cut. Because of not seen, i is enough to punch just specific lines.
    Also you wont achive put your hand in whole the length of the tube:)


    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    thaks a lot:) yes it's really simple everyone can do it easly:)