Introduction: Tug Belt - a Minimalist Belt That Fits in Your Wallet

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Forgot your belt?
Have a pair of pants that are slightly too big?

If so, you may be interested in building this Tug Belt.

Here are the highlights:
- It tightens your pants by twisting a belt-loop.
- It fits in your wallet.
- It's easy to make

You can build your own Tug Belt out of an old credit card by following this tutorial.

Thanks, and enjoy!

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

Here's what you will need:

An old credit card
- Make sure it does not include any important or private information.
- Make sure it is of a standard credit card size and (Ideally) doesn't have any raised lettering.

Safety Glasses
- If you like your eyeballs.

The Paper Print-Out
- Print the attached PDF
- Ensure your print-settings do not scale or crop it, or it will not be the correct size.

- For cutting the paper print-out and credit card.
- Optional: Heavy-Duty Scissors for easier cutting of the credit card.

Double-Sided Tape
- For temporarily attaching the print-out to the credit card

- For more accurate drilling

Drill / Drill Bits
- For drilling into the credit card.
- 3/16" and 1/8" DIA drill bits.

Random Block of Wood
- To ensure you don't drill into your table or hand.

Sand Paper
- To smooth out your cuts

Step 2: Cut and Mount the Print Out

Cut along the outer, dotted lines of the paper print-out (file is located in the previous step). This should give you a shape that is identical in size to your credit card.

Use double-sided tape to secure the paper to the credit card.

NOTE: Which side of the credit card (and which orientation) you tape to matters.
- If you plan to wear your Tug Belt on your RIGHT-SIDE then tape the paper to the back-side of your credit card if you want the front side visible when worn. (not shown in pics)
- If you want to wear your Tug Belt on the LEFT-SIDE then tape the paper to the front-side of your credit card if you want that side visible when worn. (as shown in the pics)

Step 3: Drill It

Use that random block of wood as a backing-plate to prevent drilling into your table.

Then use the center-punch and drill accordingly with the 1/8" and 3/16" DIA drill bits.

Step 4: Cut It

Use your scissors (or ideally heavy-duty scissors) to cut along the solid black line.

You can optionally use an Xacto-blade to cut the tight spots.

Be sure not to bend the credit card too much. Credit card material (PVCA) isn't particularly strong. When I made them, I used to laser-cut them from a much stronger material (Delrin) and sanded it to get a soft-touch surface.

Step 5: Sand It

Remove the paper and double-sided tape from the credit card.

Sand the edges smooth so that they don't cut your skin or clothing.

Congrats! You just made your own Tug Belt.
(Fancy laser-cut Tug Belt also shown in picture)

Now you just need to learn how to wear it (the next step)...

Step 6: Wear It

Follow the pictured instructions to wear it.

And when you are not wearing it, store it in your wallet.