Tumbler Repair With Sugru

Introduction: Tumbler Repair With Sugru

This Instructable will show you how to repair a broken drink tumbler using Sugru. Don't throw it away, Sugru it!

Step 1: Supplies

This Instructable requires:

Broken drinking tumbler.

6 total packs of Sugru. The project pictured used

1 red

2 white

3 blue

Color mixing and blending with Sugru is also an option if you would like to make your new base all one color.

Step 2: Fill in Bottom of Tumbler

Starting at the center of the tumbler, fill in the bottom with sugru. Work around the bottom, filling out towards the edges. Alternate colors as you work for a unique design.

Step 3: Allow to Dry

Allow the Sugru 24 hours to dry. When the 24 hours is up, your tumbler will be dishwasher safe, and will also have a comfort-grip bottom that won't slide around on the table!

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    Wow! Apart from being really useful, your design looks totally stylish. Nice job!