Introduction: Tuna Noodle Coffepot Soup

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This is a warm hearty and healthy soup that can be prepared fairly quickly. Great for a cold day to warn your insides.

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Step 1: What's Needed:

1 - Small can tuna in water.
1/2 cup cooked fresh "Eggless" noodles (recipe here: but just make the noodles and do not add the toppings or crumbled soda crackers  or strips of toasted bread could be used as a substitute).
1 can mixed vegetables.
1/2 cup tepid water for the flask
1 - Pinch Garlic salt
1 - Pinch Oregano
1 - Pinch Basil
1/4 cup Parmesan cheese to top. (Some Italians prefer not to eat cheese with fish.)
Water to fill coffee maker (at least 6 cups for a 12 cup unit)
1/2 cup pulpy tomato juice or pre-made pasta sauce.

Clean coffee maker
Spoon to stir
Extra container to put water in coffee maker.

Step 2: Prepare the Ingredients.

Make sure coffee maker is turned off and do not turn it on till the recipe directs you to.
Take the 1/2 cup water and put it directly in the coffee make flask while the flask is not in the maker.
The water should prevent any possible scorching on the bottom.
Put in all the ingredients but the tuna.
Open the can and drain most of the water into the sink. (Wash out sink afterwards).
Put the tuna in the flask.
Stir well.
Replace the flask to the coffee maker with a cooled down plate.

Step 3: Adding Water.

In a twelve cup coffee maker you probably want to add six cups of water to the reservoir. You may have to adjust this. You need to watch the coffee maker closely and make sure it will not overflow. Turn the coffee maker off and remove the reservoir if it gets close.
Pur the water into the reservoir.
Turn on the coffee maker.
Let it percolate till all the water is in the carafe.
Let the carafe sit for a few minutes so all the ingredients get melded.
Turn off coffee maker.
Contents of the carafe will be hot so be careful!

Step 4: Ready to Eat!

Remove the carafe from the coffee maker. Mixture may be very hot so be careful.
Stir the mixture and then pour the appropriate amount into your favorite bowl top with the Parmesan cheese (unless your Italian). You have a light soup and seconds are a must


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