Introduction: Tupperware Label "I Made It at Techshop"

In an attempt to simplify my life, I have decided to pick one food storage shape and brand for my kitchen needs. Previously I had a huge mix of different plastic and glass round and square storage containers that wouldn’t nest and finding a match was driving me nuts.

Time for a trip to Techshop San Francisco -

Step 1:

Step one was to give away or recycle all one-off and round products.

Now with only Glasslock square storage, I was in a slightly better place, but I still had work to do. I still have several similarly sized storage containers, and I wanted to easily ID which tops match with their corresponding bottoms. Time for the laser cutter!!

Step 2:

I lay out all the containers on the kitchen counter and organized by size. When it wasn’t clear which size container I was dealing with, I used a measuring cup and poured water up to the lip edge and recorded the results. Now with ounce measurements for every container in my kitchen, I headed to Techshop to use their Epilog laser.

Step 3:

I created a 1” x 1” illustrator file with the appropriate number corresponding to the ounce size of the storage container. I then reflected the number as I would be etching the bottom of the glass and the number would be read through the top.

Place the numbers in the upper left portion of the illustrator file

Step 4:

Next set the focus height of the laser for the appropriate size of the glass storage

I set the x,y position of the laser to the upper left corner of the location on the glass where I wanted the etching

Step 5:

In print settings: confirm that the numbers are in the upper left portion of print area and determine the appropriate speed and power settings for a etching on glass with 600DPI. I used power of 50% and speed of 50%.

Send the job to the laser and hit GO Now with easily identifiable size indications on each storage bottom I wrote with permanent marker the corresponding number on the matching top. While my food might still not be the best, finding the storage device to store leftovers is now a lot easier