Introduction: Turbine Blades

A step by step guide to making our wind turbine blades

Step 1: Mould

We started of by making a mold. This was done by taking a piece of MDF and cutting/sanding it to the the desired shape.

Step 2: Fill With Polyfiller

The mold is then filled with polyfill so the concave part is 'filled'. This allows us to vacuum form the shape.

Step 3: Vacuum Forming

The mold is then placed in the vacuum formed. The desired thickness of plastic is chosen, heated, and the shape formed.

Step 4: Cut Out Shape

The blade is accurately cut out using a craft knife.

Step 5: Sanding

The blade is then sanded off and completed. It is ready to be attached to the axis.

Step 6: Repeat

This is repeated as many times as is needed. We used three blades.