Introduction: Turkey Leg Bottle Opener

I am an avid turkey hunter as I raise, hunt or catch basically all the meat our family eats. I keep the legs of the turkey I harvest with the hunting tag as a record of when and where I harvested the bird. Looking a box full of legs I decided I need to do something with these so I figured bottle openers for my hunting buddies might work.

Step 1: Dry Leg

Start by wrapping toes of a fresh leg with string to keep them together. I add borax to the cut end to help dry out the leg. Keep in a dry place for a few months until the leg is completely dry.

Step 2: Bottle Opener Kit

I bought a bottle opener kit from Penn State Industries. I trimmed the tapered portion of the leg near the joint and then drilled out the hollow leg bone to the diameter of the brass barrel of the opener kit. Be super careful drilling the leg. It's quite brittle.

Step 3: Glue Brass Barrel

I then used two part gel epoxy to mount the opener barrel into the leg. I pressed the opener end into the barrel first than inserted the barrel into the leg with extra epoxy to form a tapered end covering the cut end of the leg.

Step 4: Finish

When the epoxy cured I sprayed a few coats of clear enamel on the leg to give it a shine and help preserve it.