Introduction: Turkey Tail Mushroom Stock and Syrup

I have been trying to find some methods to produce useful and storable turkeytail bases to use daily without having to make #teas etc from scratch everyday.

I have created a method to produce a syrup, and a stock for savory dishes, together. It's an easy method but does take some time.



Knife, Blender, Chopping board, Pan, Stove, Muslin or Sieve, Ice Cube Tray


Turkeytail Mushroom, Turmeric root, Ginger root, Fruit, Sugar

Step 1: Turkeytail Stock

1. To start chop up your turkeytail mushroom, ginger root and tumeric root as fine as possible.

A. Add to a pot and put on a low boil for about 30 mins.

B. Then use a stick blender to get this even finer and give it another hour or so on the stove on low heat.

C. Pass this through a fine sieve or muslin and press well to get all the liquid out.

D. Pour some of this into ice cube trays and freeze.️ This can be used as a stock in many dishes but works well in oriental cuisine.

Step 2: Turkeytail Syrup

2. Chop up your Fruit. I used orange with apple and blackcurrant to add pectin.

A. Put this into a pot and add the retained stock and a little water, if needed. Bring to a low boil and simmer until the fruit is soft.

B. Next blend and pass this through a sieve, and return to the pan. Add sugar to taste and boil to 102C which will drive off most of the water but keep a syrup consistency.

C.Pour into sterilised jars or bottles and it's ready to use as a syrup or add hot water for a tea,

Step 3: Safety and Notes

REMEMBER TO MAKE SURE YOU CORRECTLY IDENTIFY ANY mushrooms. But turkeytail mushroom is a relatively easy one to get right and I'm lucky enough to have a thriving colony growing in my garden. The blackcurrants came from the freezer from last year’s crop, but you can use whatever fruit you have.

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