Introduction: Turks Head Rosary

My son had to make a Rosary out of things that were around the house. Nuts/washers, legos, popcorn etc...all done before. My wife saw a vase full of Turks Head knots that I have tied over the years and that was it.

Regarding the knots-There are two guys that are wizards when it comes to knotting:

TIAT: Tying it all together: is where I first learned about tying the turks head. It is typically tied around something, but tying it back on itself makes a little ball about the size of a grape. When you tie a whole bunch of them in different colors, it looks pretty cool in a glass jar.

The second is Strormdrane's Blog

Both have outstanding tutorials for making the turks head and the cross.

Step 1: Stringing Together

The Turks Head is a very symmetrical knot. You can see in the first photo where there is "center" of the knot. This same pattern is on both sides, so a likely place to thread.

My son used an awl to poke through the center, and then used a needle and thread to string them all together.

He used different colors for each section of the Rosary.

Step 2: Crucifix

The last part was a paracord cross we had on the bulletin board. I twisted some copper wire to put Jesus on the cross and then he tied it to the end of the Rosary.

Project complete. It looked pretty neat when he was done, certainly a better use for those things than being in a cupboard!