Turn Pedometer Into Manual Counter




Introduction: Turn Pedometer Into Manual Counter

Ever have to count laps, or people, or anything else manually?

Here's how to convert a dollar store pedometer into a manual counter!

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

Dollar store pedometer

Miniature momentary SPST switch

Wire, hot glue

Step 2: Remove Screws From the Pedometer and Clip

4 screws on the back, 2 inside for the clip

Step 3: Identify Spring and Weight, and Remove Them

Step 4: Mark Site for Pushbutton Switch

This shows the spring and weight removed.

Place an X on the unused area of the PCB to use as a guide to place another X on the back of the case where the switch will be located.

Step 5: Drill Hole for Switch

Hole is 11/64".

Step 6: Hot Glue Switch to Inside of Case

The push button of the switch should be in the hole you just drilled.

Apply ample hot glue to lock the switch in place.

Step 7: Tin the Wires, Battery Clip, and Spring Contact Point

It helps to roughen up the sites to be soldered.

Step 8: Solder Wires to Switch and Contact Points

Cut off excess from the switch leads so the case can be closed.

Step 9: Reassemble Case

Notice that the push button may not protrude through the hole you made.

If so, you will need to add some height to the button (next step).

Step 10: Add Height to the Push Button

I used self-stick bling from the dollar store; worked perfectly.

Count away!

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    Actually, this is a pretty useful hack. If one were to use a reed switch instead of a pushbutton, then by affixing a magnet to a shaft, rotational speed can be calculated by count/ time simply by positioning the device close enough to actuate the switch.