Introduction: Turn Your Cat Into a Mouse

Cats.Can't Live with them Can't live without them. I've got two but I'm actually allergic to them. They hang about the house, occasionally venturing into the garden, not to do what cats are supposed to do (I.E. No. 2s) but to catch and torture a small mammal, nibble on it a bit and then leave most of it on the dining table.

I would not let the little gits into the house but Mrs davefhunt has indicated the physical side of our relationship will leave with the cats.

Step 1: Find Two Cats

They find you really.

Step 2: Explain the Process.

Explain to the cats that refusal to cooperate with making an instructable, will result in them enjoying the company of some housebricks in a sack at the bottom of the Coventry Basin.

This might be a good moment to mention to the cats that business about not weeing on the bathroom floor, or indeed in the bath when there is a pristine cat tray provided fot thier comfort and convenience about 2 feet away.

Step 3: Show the Cat the Equipment.

Say anything you like at this point. "Hello cat did you know your Cat Food has the same environmental footprint as a Volvo estate" what it will hear is "blah blah Cat Food blah blah".

This is a fisheye lens. that clips onto your phone. You can get them off Amazon for a few of our fine English Pounds.

Step 4: Results


Step 5: Return to Business As Usual.

No cats were harmed in the making of this instructable. Though heaven knows the jury is still out on this one.....