Introduction: Turn Your Cell Phone's "I Got Wet" Indicator From Red Back to White

Ever dunk your cellphone in water? After it is dry - how could someone tell that it got wet? Well my friend the "i got wet indicator" is a dead give away. This indicator is usually a white sticker located in the battery compartment of most cellphones. It turns red after it is gotten wet.

In my case i had my cellphone in my pocket in my pocket while working out. This is BS in my opinion because water never actually touched my cellphone. Further, I was denied a warranty claim on my (UN-used) phone headphones (which had a broken microphone), because of this sticker. How does this sticker have anything to do with the headphones - that I NEVER used?? 

All that i suggest here is to put a drop of bleach on the indicator and it will turn from red back to good 'ole white. check out the pics!

Step 1: Below You Can See 2 Razr Phones

one got wet [red dot] one didnt [ white dot].

Step 2: Take Bleach and Apply It to the Red Dot

Bleach it!

Step 3: After 1 Min

Step 4: After 5 Min

Step 5: After 15 Min

Step 6: Aditional Time

well - i thought it would turn the whole dot back white.... it has yet to do this. I am gonna let it sit over night.

A quick note: on iphones there is one of these indicators either on the headphone jack or under the bottom iphone cable plug. Same trick should work for iphone. I would post pics but i need my iphone to take the photos :)

good luck !!!!

Step 7: Day # 2

it shrunk another 30% and shrinking. will post again in 15 min

Step 8: Day 3

It turned white!!!

Now I will put water on it and see if it changes back to red....