Introduction: Turn Your Old DSLR Into a Microscope!

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Did you know you can use your SLR's zoom lens as a microscope? I didn't!

My uncle gave me an old SLR film camera that he didn't need, Because he knows that I love taking electronic devices apart, I was really happy because I'd never taken apart a SLR camera! A couple minutes later, My 5 year old cousin came to me and asked me "What are you doing with that camera?" So I told her that I want to take it apart and save all of the small parts, Because I might be able build something out of them (as I always do).

Just for fun (and to make her laugh), I removed the zoom lens and held it up to her face as if I was a pirate that was looking through binoculars, And what did I see? Well, Nothing, Because it was out of focus.

This gave me an idea: I know knew that the lens should magnify something, So I looked far away, But everything was still totally blurry. I thought that if it doesn't work when I look far away, Then it might work for a close up: I looked at my hand, And yes: I could see the tiny dust particles that were on my hand! I was SHOCKED! I have a free microscope!

Yes, I know this a weird story, But it is 100% true!

I'm sure will use this a lot, And what could be better that a free microscope? A microscope with incredible magnification like this will probably set you a few hundred dollars back!

Step 1: What You'll Need:


A DSLR Camera (Canon EOS Rebel Ti- SLR Film Camera)

Super Glue (Epoxy can work too)

A Small Handle (this was salvaged from a broken toolbox)

Silicone Adhesive

2 Zip-ties





Wire Cutters

High Power Lighting (I used SpectrumLED with only the cool LED's on max. brightness)

A Smartphone (If you want to take pictures)


Why: Reuse that old dust collector (AKA camera) that you don't need!

Protection Gear Needed: None

Cost (for me): FREE!

Needed Skills: Gluing, Hacksaw-ing

Approximate Time: 15 minutes

Step 2: Remove the Lens

To remove the lens, Press on the button that I've shown in the picture, You might have to turn it a bit until it pops off.

These are 28-90mm lens, In case you're wondering

Step 3: Fully Extend the Lens, and Super-Glue It in Place

Fully extend the lens (maximum zoom), And glue them in place with Super-Glue. Drop a few drops through the crack, As I show in the picture.

Because the picture will be totally blurry if it isn't extended to the maximum, It is a good idea to add glue, So you don't have to manually adjust it every time...

Step 4: Saw the Handle

I wanted to add a handle to make it more comfortable to hold, Because it would help your hand from aching and shaking...

I used a handle that I salvaged from a broken toolbox (don't buy cheap ones!), And sawed part of the handle off, As shown in the picture.

Step 5: Glue & Zip-Tie the Handle on the Lens

First, I glued the handle onto the lens with Silicone Adhesive.

And after that, I added two Zip-Ties on each end to help hold it with more strength. A Hose Clamp will work too.

Step 6: Example Pictures

These pictures were taken with a phone camera, Which means the quality isn't the best. When I look through it with my eyes, I can see dust particles on ceramic capacitors, Yes! THAT SMALL!

Oh, This has already saved a pretty expensive appliance in our house, That had a burnt transistor

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