Introduction: Turn Your Room Into an Undercover Operation

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So i was bored one day and decided to renovate my room. I came up with these great ideas.

Step 1: Guarded Entrance

Well first, i made this folder against the wall to hold a speaker. Desguised as a mail box, get some card boared and make a fold up thingy that looks like the one above. Then, write your name and then mail (e.g. Nate's Mail).

Step 2: Guarded Entrace Pt 2

Next, get a set of walkie-talkies that are on the same channel and put one in there. This is your speaker we'll get back to that in a second. Now, get something with like a screen or something that looks like a fingerprint scanner. When someone comes and knocks on the door, ask them through the speaker, "Please Scan Fingerprint". Of course, the scanner doesn't actually work but it looks cool.

Step 3: Desk

If you already have a desk in your room, that's great you can skip this step. If you don't what i did is took out the recliner system out of my broken recliner and screwed in a board to make a surface. What's great is with this you can make your desk move up and down. That might be helpful somehow.

Step 4: Desk Pt 2

So in this step I'll show you some good stuff to put on your desk to make it look realistic. First though, the speaker. The other walkie-talkie that you didn't use earlier, put it on the desk. If you have a set of headphones with a microphone (like the set above) plug them into the WT if it has a headphone plug-in. This way you can talk through the mic and out the other end. Make sure the WT in the 'mailbox' is at full volume, so you can hear it clearly. Now, the stuff you can put on the desk: Labtop, desk light, false paperwork, etc.

Step 5: Escape Route

Now, you really wouldn't need this at all, but if you had a window that opens and shuts (fire exit), it might be fun to put a ladder on the wall behind a curtain (if you have one), so if the enemy (your brother or sister) is trying to raid the place, you'll have a fast, effective, and easy way out.

Step 6: Security

If you have an old computer camera from like the 90's that you don't use anymore, put it on the ceiling to make it look like a real security camera. And if you have a computer/labtop in your room, you could even hook it up to be a REAL security camera.

Step 7: Alarm

Now this your actually going to have to buy if you don't have one already. I actually have a robot dinosaur in my room that has a movement sensor. If someone walks by, it will start roaring and moving it's head. You could put it right by the door so that if someone unwanted walks in it will start freaking out and you could be right on him/her with a weapon (nerf, airsoft, etc.) and they wouldn't even have a chance. Well, that's all i did but i bet you could find a lot more stuff to add to this. Thx, BK12

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