Introduction: Turn Your Ipod Touch 5th Generation to Iphone 5 (well Sort Of)

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hello this is actually my first instructables so i'le be more than happy for your criticism
iphone 5 and ipod 5g both have 4 inch (1136*640) retina display but the thing that really makes iphone different is the A6 processor And THE ABILITY TO CALL or send TEXT
today i'm going to add a huge stone to the ipod vs iphone scale by giving the ipod calling and texting ability

Step 1: Things You're Going to Need

An ipod (doesnt matter which model but for the sake of this instructables i'm going to use 5g) a gmate (is the thing shown above or below(i'm not sure where its going to be displayed yet)) Mine is the older version the newer one has vibration too you can order it here ( ) or just google it +cydia ( your device should be jailbroken) which is sad if had upgraded to 6.1.3 version) but as ghandi once said have hope the hackers know what they are doing

Step 2: Have the Stuff ? Good So Lets Get to Business

Now you'l need to add the cydia source Which is.

When its done move on and install all of it contents
Now go to the gmates app which you had just installed And turn on the connection state and tap on search it should find it that easily when it asks for password just type "1234" Now go to the setting section in the gmates app and import the contacts by taping on......can you guess what? Import contacs you should be done now 
its really easy to work with bes sure to upgrade the app if possible