Introduction: Turn a CD Jewel Case Into a Mobile Device Stand

I already have a handy plastic stand for my Blackerry that has a built-in USB cable at my desk at work.
But I was thinking about being back at home.
I don't want to remove my charger/stand and take it with me.

I should be able to make something.

I tried making the  business card Ipod stand Instructable, but I couldn't get it ot work. It kept collapsing on me.

So, I looked around my cube to see what I had.

In my backpack I had some jewel cases that I saved from some CDs I just ripped into my mp3 library. I like album covers and liner notes (when will mp3 downloads come with this info in.pdfs?).

So, this is what I came up with. 

You have to be careful removing the lid on the jewel case - the hinge tabs are very fragile.

You can still hold CDs in the bottom tray, display the album cover, or other pictures. 

The only other thing you need is a Post-it note.

Step 1: Open Up the Jewel Case

It really doesn't do anything for us like this.

Step 2: Remove the Case Lid

This is the most difficult part.

Carefully pull on the side hinge-tab just enough to get is out of the slot. They are made of brittle plastic and can break easily doing this.

then do the other side.

Step 3: The Lid Is Off. Modification Is All Done on Your Knee.

Lay the CD tray and the lid on your knee.

Step 4: Flip the Lid Over.

With both parts still on your knee, flip the CD case lid over so now the cover art and Cd tray are both facing up. 

Step 5: Reattaching the CD Case Lid


This is kind of tricky to describe.

With the lid and tray still on your knee, take the CD case lid and stand it  up vertically so the cover art is facing you.

Move the lid until the hinge-tabs are hovering over the CD tray spine. This is where the hinge-tabs snap into the tray.

Now reattach the lid to the tray straight down. You can angle the cas lid more towards you, if you need to.

Step 6: The Jewel Case Is Now a Stand

This is what it should look like.

Step 7: Display the Album Cover

Take out the cover art and flip it around, and slide it back into the lid slots.

Step 8: Add a Post-it Note

Your hand-held device wont stay up in this as-is. The tray spine acts as a nice foot, but it is too smooth, and is not angled up.

Open up the satnd a little bit.

Slip a post-it note, sticky side-up, between the tray and lid. Just so the sticky part of the post-it not sticks out over the stand foot.

The post-it note adds the necessary friction to hold up the device. The device's weight holds the post-it note in place. Dynamic!

Step 9: Are You Strong Enough?

This setup will hold a TI-89, or a thin travel mug. So, yes, it will hold your hand-held device.

The post-it adhesive will wear out. But, I have a stack of them, so its not an issue.

This is meant to be a temporary stand for your device. But, it could be a permanent display for cover art, small calendar, or photos.