Introduction: Turn a Plain Stool Into a Swivel Stool

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this is a very easy way to turn a boring old wooden stool into an exciting and fun work of art.  
i painted this one using painters tape and outdoor patio paint.  

Step 1:

unscrew stool top from the legs

Step 2:

get yourself a richelieu swivel plate from any hardware store. cut a 1” plywood base a little smaller than the top of the stool

Step 3:

paint and decorate stool top, legs and plywood base

Step 4:

the swivel plate has small screw holes on one side and bigger screw holes on the other side.  centre the swivel plate on the plywood base with the small screw holes down – screw in place

Step 5:

drill one hole only right through the plywood using one of the bigger screw holes as a guide

Step 6:

centre plywood base on stool top with the wrong sides together.  looking through the drill hole, line it up with the swivel plate screw holes and add screws in all 4 holes

Step 7:

centre legs on plywood bottom, screw in place and voila your plain old stool is now a fun swivel stool

Step 8:

have fun swivelling.  the possibilities are endless!!!

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