Introduction: Turn a Wrench Into a Bottle Opener!

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Hey! Thanks for checking this out. In this instructable, I'll be walking you through turning an average wrench into a bottle opener. I got these wrenches from a used tool store, and was able to upcycle some old beat up wrenches into something new.

Warning: This instructable involves the use of open flames, very hot metal, and cutting tools that may be dangerous if used incorrectly. If you do not feel comfortable or safe with these tools, get help from somebody who is!

You'll need a few things to do this:

  • Wrench. Roughly 5/8" is ideal, but any size close to that will do
  • Safety gear! Eye and ear protection is recommended.
  • Angle grinder or rotary tool and a cut off disc
  • Propane, mapp or acetylene torch. Propane will work fine, but you might get a better result than me with a hotter flame.
  • Hammer
  • Bench vise
  • Dish or jar filled with water
  • ~Medium file (there's another word for it, but I don't want this flagged for using the proper term)
  • (Optional) Drill press, WD40 or other cutting fluid, drill bits
  • (Optional) Leather cord

Step 1: Cut the Wrench

First, mark a line on the wrench for your first cut. It will work on either side, but the side closer to the handle makes more sense.

Clamp the wrench into a vise. Using an angle grinder and a cut off disc, cut along your line. Be sure to wear eye and ear protection. A small rotary tool with a cut off disc can work too, but will take significantly longer.

Step 2: Heat Your Wrench and Forge a Small Hook.

Using a propane, mapp or other suitable torch, heat the end you cut as hot as you can get it. This would go much faster with a forge, but I work with what I've got. The scrap plywood was just to get a firmer grip on the wrench without marring the surface. It won't catch on fire, but might get a little toasty.

You can see it was red hot in my photos - this was not visible in my typical shop lighting. I was only able to see this with my overhead light off.

Hit the end with a hammer at the tip of it. The goal is to make a slight hook to make it catch on the bottle cap easier. If you can, keep heat on the wrench while doing this. If you can't do it safely, don't.

Step 3: Quench or Cool Down.

Only handle the wrench with pliers - it will be VERY hot - over a thousand degrees F!

Quench the wrench in water and swirl it around a little to cool it down. Otherwise, wait at least 45 minutes to handle the wrench.

Step 4: File Off Any Sharp Edges.

Using your file, remove any sharp edges, but be mindful not to file the hook you just put on too much. Hit any edge that was cut or forged with the file until it is smooth to the touch.

If you have a combination open end wrench like me, repeat all steps up to this point for the other side.

Step 5: Optional - Drill a Hole and Add a Strap

I chose to add a leather strap to it to hang it from. Spray it with a little WD40 or your cutting fluid of choice. Drill at a moderate-high speed, preferably with a drill press. Start with a smaller bit and work your way up to the diameter you want. I killed a couple drill bits figuring that out.

Tie your rope, string, ribbon or in my case leather onto it. Leave enough length so it can hang easily.

Step 6: Test It Out!

Crack your favorite adult beverage or glass bottled soda and put that bottle opener to work! You've earned it.

If you made your own I'd love to see it in the comments. Thanks for stopping by!

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