Introduction: Turn a Boring Refrigerator Into a Flashy One

Turn a boring refrigerator in to something that looks like it was meant to be raced on a drag strip.

Step 1: What You'll Need

2 12oz. cans of spray paint, depending on size
1 Roll of thin masking tape
1 Roll of large masking tape
1 Boring Refrigerator
1 can of Liquid Deglosser or sand paper
Old Newspapers

Step 2: Cleaning

Clean off the outside of the fridge to prep it for painting. (Mine had a lot of old price tags that made it very difficult to clean off)

Step 3: Prep for Painting

Either use sand paper or liquid deglosser to get the fridge ready for paint.

Step 4: Mask

Use masking tape and newspapers to cover up spots that you dont want paint to get onto, like the seal for the door.

Step 5: Paint

Using the color of spray paint of your choice spray the door and outside of the fridge. I did several coats of each to give it a better color.

Step 6: Stripes

After letting the paint sit over night start taping off the areas where you dont want your stripes. This is a slow step because you want the lines to be evenly spaced from the top of the fridge to the door.

Step 7: Paint Stripes

Paint on your stripes in the color of your choice. I did several coats for this as well.

Step 8: Remove Tape

After letting the paint sit over night remove the tape to reveal a fridge that people will continue to be amazed by.

Step 9: Relax

Sit back with you favorite cooled beverage from your favorite new fridge.

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