Turn a Deck of Cards Into a Diversion Safe




Introduction: Turn a Deck of Cards Into a Diversion Safe

I got tired of stashing my money inside of a book (just shoved in the pages, not turned into a diversion safe), and went looking for a more creative way to hide it. I saw this youtube video, and figured that a deck of cards is the perfect decoy - it looks natural just about anywhere, and it's not weird to have more than one in a drawer. It's a bit tedious to do, but everything I used I had lying around the house, so it was essentially free.

Step 1: What You Need:

1 deck of cards
A pair of scissors
2 binder clips
Some duct tape (I was too lazy to get mine out for the picture)

Step 2: Cut the Cards

1. Separate out 10-12 cards, these you'll leave to the side as the top for your safe.

2. Fold the remaining cards in half and cut out the inside. Keep the white border and throw away the middle. (I took this picture after I already finished the project, so I don't have a cut border to show you.)

Step 3: Pile It Up

3. Stack all of the borders on top of one full card, and hold it all together with the binder clips (I used 2, on opposite corners)

4. Cut some small strips of duct tape and fill in the compartment, pressing the tape into the corners. Trim off any tape that goes above the first card. I used a little bit of glue to keep the top card down too, but it's not necessary.

Step 4: Stash It

5. Put the extra cards over the compartment and slip the deck back into its box. It's a small compartment, but it's good enough to hold some cash or flash drives, or whatever you want to fit in 5ish square inches.

The deck looks totally normal in the box and if you hold it in your hand, but it does feel a little light. Stick it in a drawer behind a real deck (to make sure no one tries to use it and finds your stash) and no one will ever think to look in it for your valuables.

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    7 years ago

    Where are the clips and how are they used? You mentioned in the corners but do you have a picture illustrating this?


    Reply 7 years ago

    I used the clips to hold the deck together while I glued/taped the inside together. I used two large binder clips on diagonal corners.

    Unfortunately I didn't think to take a picture of that step, but hopefully you can visualize the clips just holding everything in place until you tape.