Introduction: Turn an Old Bronze Plaque Into a Birdfeeder

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Make the world a better place, recycle someones precious momento into a birdfeeder.

Step 1: First You Need to Score Yourself a Plaque, I'd Suggest Thrift Stores, and Church Rummage Sales As Sources

get your plaque, and remove the wooden backing, then find the approx center of balance and on the back clean it up with a wire brush BTW this plaque is solid bronze and weighs about 5 lbs.

Step 2: Now Get Ready to Braze

break out the MAPP gas torch, solder rosin and a copper 1/2' inch pipe cap. Solder the pipe cap to the center of mass of the plaque it takes awhile to heat up that much bronze.

Step 3: Take It Out Back

After it cools, take it out back with a peice of hard copper pipe, drive the copper pipe into the ground and slip the plaque onto the pipe, add a handful of seed and you are done, the squirrels will thank you, and maybe a bird or too, the damned ingrates.