Introduction: Turn Any Coffee Maker Into an Automatic Coffee Maker

With one simple part that you may already own, you can easily turn any old (electric) coffee maker into an automatic coffee maker.

Materials needed:
- An electric coffee maker
- A plug-in timer (for example: These are generally sold as security devices to turn your lights on and off automatically (if you're gone on vacation, for example) so that it looks like somebody is home.

Step 1: Set the Times

Set the times on the timer.

The green tab is for turning on, the red tab is for turning off. The best accuracy you can get is within about 15 minutes.

The whole circular section rotates to set the clock, which is shown in the middle.

Step 2: Plug It In.

Plug the coffee maker into the timer, and then the timer into the wall socket. The timer has a manual on-off switch on it. Be sure it is set to off before you plug in the timer.

Now prepare the coffee, and turn on the switch on the coffee maker. Once the set time rolls around, enjoy your automatically brewed coffee.

One note of caution: make sure that the carafe (pot) is in the coffee maker before you leave it to run automatically. Things quickly get messy otherwise.