Turn the Raspberry Pi Into a Bluetooth Device That Is Discoverable by Remote Bluetooth Client

Introduction: Turn the Raspberry Pi Into a Bluetooth Device That Is Discoverable by Remote Bluetooth Client

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I have a Bluetooth Radio USB device that was gathering dust when I stumbled upon it. So I thought I should put it to use with Raspberry Pi. This instructable is about my learning journey of adding a bluetooth interface to Raspberry Pi.

Target Readers

This instructable will mostly benefit Linux users, especially Debian and its derivatives like Raspberry Pi running Raspbian OS.

System Environment

Raspberry Pi with the following specification:

  • Model B
  • Debian 7.6
  • Bluetooth Radio USB Adaptor
  • Mains-Powered USB Hub


This instructable will cover the following:

  • Install and run Bluetooth in Raspberry Pi.
  • Make Raspberry Pi discoverable by remote bluetooth client.
  • Test for success by using a remote bluetooth client that can show that it has discovered the Raspberry Pi device.

This instructable will NOT cover the useful things that can be done by a Raspberry Pi with a bluetooth interface. In other words, although I have turned the Raspberry Pi into a Bluetooth device, I did not show any useful task that can be done with a Raspberry Pi that has a bluetooth interface. Read my "Send a copy of your photos and videos in your Android Phone to Raspberry Pi using Bluetooth" instructable if you are interested to do useful stuff with the Raspberry Pi.

Step 1: Install Bluetooth Radio Hardware

Complete the steps in "Install Bluetooth Radio Hardware in Linux System" instructable.

Step 2: Make the Raspberry Pi Discoverable by Remote Bluetooth Client

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    6 years ago

    HC-05 is a simple bluetooth module that can be connected to RPi or Arduino to bluetooth enable it. It is a cheaper alternative to using the bluetooth USB adapter.

    I am going to try using it for this project and see how it goes.


    Reply 6 years ago

    Hi mohanlate, i try to connect HC-05 with RPi, but i don't have any experiences, so can you give me some advices??


    6 years ago

    Can we use a Bluetooth module such as HC-5 instead?