Introduction: Turn the Lights on or Off From Your Bed (can Be Done in 5 to 10 Minutes)

I always hated having to get up from my bed, turn off my lights, then stumble over all the stuff on my floor as I went back to bed. This simple solution takes 5 to 10 minutes, and can be done with stuff from around the house.

Parts list:

Sticky tack
Thumb tacks
Something Heavy

Step 1: Prepare Your String

Tie a small loop that will fit over the light switch in the string near then end, and tie the heavy thing to the string 3-4 inches from the end.

Step 2: Loop the String Over the Switch

Loop the string over the switch.

Step 3: Secure It With Sticky Tack

Secure the string to the switch with sticky tack.

Step 4: Use the Thumb Tacks As Makeshift Pulleys

Stick one thumb tack into the wall, and one into the ceiling to use as a pulley

Then attach the end of the string to the wall with another thumb tack

Video of it in action: