Introduction: Turn Your VCR Into an RF or A/V Transmitter

This is pretty simple. Shove an aerial in the back of the ouput of a vcr. And tune your TV in. However this method looks terrible and only works at about 1 metre.

This doesn't stop anyone from sticking in a TV Amplifier.
That would be illegal but only semi-illegal because the frequency used by the VCR is for VCR's so the problem of your signal clouding someone elses directly plugged in VCR, is not really a problem.

You can even use the AV input of your VCR and the AV or RF output of another VCR to send DVD around your house :)

Step 1: Another View of the Aerial

Step 2: Experiment Success!

Terrible reception though.

Step 3: Stick the Aerials Close Together

Like so...

Step 4: Much Better Reception

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