Introduction: Turn Your Mobile Work Station Into a SUPER STRONG CYBORG WARRIOR (or Just Strengthen the Joints)

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OK, you own a mobile work station and you bring it from job site to job site when suddenly - one day - BAM! the wheel gets stuck in a stair case and the plastic back breaks. Lame. Wouldn't have happened if you had already turned it into a SUPER STRONG CYBORG WARRIOR (or just added a custom bracket to the weak joints).

Well, ok, mock me, I didn't, and it broke. But I took that broken tool box and I gave it super powers! Here's how:

take some 1/8" thick bar stock, hammer the heck out of it in the vise, then start welding it. Eventually you will start to shape it to fit around the broken plastic. Once you have the bracket shaped you can drill out bolt holes, then drill through the mobile work station. From here you simply add some support inside the unit, then bolt it together.

Your mobile work station is now super tuff and could quite possibly stand an attack from a deep sea giant monster OR a few pot holes. Try it out!

NOTE: Shortly after this Instructable was made we felt obligated to turn this FatMax case into an R2D2 unit. It will post photos of this later....



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