DIY Bottle Cap Magnets




Introduction: DIY Bottle Cap Magnets

My husband loves to collect and drink all kinds of beer. He'd been creating a little stockpile of bottle caps and kept talking about doing something with them eventually. Today, I beat him to it. I turned his caps into magnets for our fridge. It was pretty much the easiest thing I've ever done.

Step 1: Gather the Ingredients

For this project I used:

1. Standard glue gun and two sticks of glue.

2. A pack of flexible magnets size .75" (note: I don't know why thy were called flexible magnets, they weren't particularly limber. Any magnet that's a circle would do.)
3. A collection of clean, dry bottle caps.

Step 2: Set Up Caps and Magnets

Turn all of the caps over and leave the assigned magnet close by.

Step 3: Apply Glue to Caps

Apply a bubble of glue to each cap. I did about three or four so that the glue was partially hardened before adding the magnet. This gives it the height it needs to meet the lip of the bottle cap. It also helps to manage the position of the magnet since they are attracted to the caps and can get lopsided if the glue doesn't act as a buffer.

Step 4: Allow Glue to Harden

Let the caps sit for about 10 minutes before sticking them to your fridge.

Step 5: Enjoy the Fruit of Your Labor!

These are great for holding up photos, lists, receipts, etc! The magnets are pretty strong. My husband was very pleasantly surprised when he got home!

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